Top 5 Free Crochet Small Flower Patterns for Beginners

Top 5 Free Crochet Small Flower Patterns for Beginners

Do you want a simple crochet small flower pattern? These small flowers are perfect for beginners! We have 5 free patterns to help you make your crochet projects look fantastic. Whether you're making hats or decorating your home, these little flowers will add a lovely touch.

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Why Choose Small Crochet Flowers?

If you need that final touch for your project, small crochet flowers are the perfect solution!

They're ideal for jazzing up headbands, blankets, and crochet hats. Need to cover a hole or a stain? These little flowers do the trick beautifully.

Plus, you can get creative with them! Use them to decorate cards, create cute hair clips, or even put together a mini bouquet.

They're a speedy and easy way to add a charming crochet embellishment to your projects.

And hey, why stop at flowers? You can also whip up some crochet leaves to complement your blossoms.

5 Free Crochet Small Flower Patterns

Get ready to add some cheer to your day with our assortment of free crochet small flower patterns. And the best part? They're simple enough for beginners to tackle!

1. Gerbera Crochet Flowers - Free Crochet Small Pattern

These flowers are incredibly easy to make, and I adore how the petals naturally curl inward, giving them a lifelike appearance! You can use these adorable flowers to craft lovely hair clips, and the pattern is perfect for beginners!

Once you've made your first flower, you'll find yourself whipping up dozens more in your favorite colors in no time.

photo by Claire Crompton /
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2. 3D Crochet Flowers Pattern

This 3D petal flower is incredibly versatile for various crochet projects. The small flowers are crafted using a sport-weight cotton yarn and a 3mm hook.

If you prefer larger flowers, you can also opt for worsted weight yarn and a larger hook size. This intricately detailed crochet flower is just the right size to attach to a hair pin or clip, making for an adorable hair accessory!

photo by Carmen Heffernan/
Find this pattern on Carmen Heffernan, or

 3. Simple Crochet Flower Patterns

This pattern includes instructions to create easy crochet flowers in three different styles. You can easily combine the smaller flowers to create a larger crochet flower with layers.

The detailed pattern comes with step-by-step photo instructions to guide you through the process.

photo by Jo's Crafty Hook /
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4. Little Mountain Flower Applique Free Crochet Pattern

I absolutely love this charming and lovely flower! If you're searching for a simple crochet pattern to create a cute flower, you'll fall in love with these, especially with their heart-shaped petals.

It's the ideal pattern for beginners, being straightforward and fast to work up. Plus, they require just a small amount of yarn, making them perfect for using up your leftover scraps!

photo by Raffaella Tassoni /
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5. Crochet Lilac Flowers for a Handmade Mother's Day Card

These charming lilac petals bear a striking resemblance to real flowers! If you enjoy crafting tiny crochet flowers that are simple to make, this is the perfect option for you. These delightful little crochet flowers are ideal for adding an elegant touch to your crafts.

The pattern calls for crochet thread yarn and a small crochet hook. Additionally, it includes a helpful video tutorial to guide you through the process.

photo by GoldenLucyCrafts /
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In conclusion, these top 5 free crochet small flower patterns for beginners offer a delightful array of options to kickstart your crafting journey. From simple yet elegant designs to charmingly intricate petals, there's something for every style and skill level. Whether you're looking to embellish accessories, adorn handmade cards, or add flair to home decor, these patterns provide a fantastic starting point. 

Happy crocheting!

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