Crochet Square Flower Patterns: Stunning Designs for Spring 2024

Crochet Square Flower Patterns: Stunning Designs for Spring 2024

Just by seeing these cute crochet square flower patterns, you'll realize how much creativity they inspire right away. The possibilities with floral square designs are simply amazing! Can you picture all the beautiful crochet creations you can make with them?

To begin, we recommend trying out these crochet flower granny square patterns for making blankets and decorative pillows. They'll give your bed and sofa a lovely, blooming makeover. It'll feel like spring has already arrived!

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For additional inspiration, take a look at our Crochet Square Flower collections.

5 Free Crochet Square Flower Patterns

1. Blooming Lotus Square

I absolutely love the colors in the stunning Blooming Lotus Square designed by the talented Sisters In Stitch. Purple and pink are a timeless pair, and they always catch my eye. You can use this idea and create your own version with a free crochet floral square pattern.

photo by Therese Eghult and Inas Basymeleh /
Find this pattern on Therese Eghult and Inas Basymeleh, or read more on

2. Elloth Granny Square

Flower squares are great for starting many larger projects. You can use them to make blankets, pillows, cardigans, bags, and more. This free floral granny crochet square flower has a vintage look that's absolutely beautiful. Pretty cool, right?

photo by K.A.M.E. Crochet /
Find this pattern on K.A.M.E. Crochet, or

3. 60s Pop Flower Square

These floral squares are wonderfully puffy! And see how their appearance changes with different colors? You can crochet them using a free floral square pattern and incorporate them into any other project you desire. They're perfect for using up leftover yarn from your stash.

photo by Munira Rasul /
Find this pattern on Munira Rasul, or

4. White Flower Granny Square

Here's a free crochet square flower pattern for cheerful and flowery granny squares, perfect for your cozy projects. Where can you use it? Use it as decoration on your summer market bag or pillowcase to add a touch of sweetness to your home.

photo by Raffaella Tassoni /
Find this pattern on Raffaella Tassoni, or

5. 3D Tiny Flower Square

Wondering where you can use these adorable tiny flower squares? Here are some ideas: decorate your summer market bag, add a pocket to your tank top or cardigan, place some on a pillow, or create a field of flowers on a blanket. If you want a larger size, simply add more granny rounds to this free flower square crochet pattern

photo by Madlandia Forever /
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I hope you've found some crochet square flower patterns that inspire you to start a new project! Whether it's a charming daisy square blanket, a floral purse, a vibrant crochet cardigan, or a spring-themed market bag, there are plenty of possibilities to explore. Don't forget to share your finished items in the comments and browse through our blog pages on the website for more inspiration. Happy crocheting!

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